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Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones have that type of relationship you wouldn’t fully understand unless your in it. Their love is apparent but Jimmy doesn’t seem to meet Chrissy’s needs. Last night on “Chrissy & Mr. Jones,” it was very apparent that Chrissy is quickly approaching her breaking point. After being pressured from every direction to have a child and get married, she finally put her foot down and admitted that she just isn’t ready. And, for good reason. Jim spends too much time in the studio and can’t seem to balance their relationship and his “vampin life.” Chrissy is getting the short end of the stick and a baby is the last thing she and Jimmy need right now. “You supposed to cut some of that hit short sometimes and bring yo’ ass home!,” screamed a frustrated Chrissy. Still, her 41-year-old clock is ticking and Jim needs to get it together!

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On the brighter side of things, Chrissy decided to start her own business, with her girls Emily B. and Talia. Too bad Emily B. and Talia can’t get along…at all! That aside, the vision for the line is “rocker, meets rapper, meets elegance.” I get it…kinda. Talia, who insists she isn’t trying to be a b***h, revealed that she has started her own clothing line before, so she has the most expertise between the three. I can confidently tell you now–it ain’t gon’ work.

Momma Jones shot the commercial for her new perfume– Boom Kash… however you spell it and intern, rekindled her friendship with Freddie (whom, I am convinced is, hitting it). Too bad that didn’t work for him and Jimmy. The boys met up to hash out their differences but it only turned into a scene from Scarface, cause Jimmy wasn’t having it. I think he thinks Freddie and his mother have something going on too. Either way, Freddie didn’t stick around too long. Jimmy was about to knock his head off.

On a TMI moment, Mama Jones revealed that her lady parts are bald. Ha ha, just thought I’d make your day with that one!

Check out our interview with the couple, below:

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