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This time on “T.I & Tiny: The Family Hustle” the Harris Family hit Chicago. While there, T.I wrapped up his role on the TV show, “Boss.” Before the trip, Tip sat all the children down to explain to them that acting could be a serious career choice for them. Domani didn’t believe it, and challenged his dad by saying that Tip couldn’t act better than Denzel Washington. “Anywhere he ain’t, I’m gonna be better!” Tip told his son.

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Tip took the boys to the set to meet all of the actors including Kelsey Grammar whom Tip explained was one of the biggest actors of all time. The boys weren’t impressed until they heard Kelesy’s acting resume which included a stint with “The Simpsons.” Still, Domani wasn’t convinced that acting was hard and thought that anybody could do it. Tip decided that it was time to challenge his naive son. “If acting is so easy, go do it then.”

Domani accepted his pop’s challenge and together they decided they would write their own family movie and then film it.

Domani and Deyjah came up with an idea to make a scary movie and all of the siblings created the script together. They brought it to Tip for his approval and the filming began. Everything started off great, until Domani couldn’t remember his lines and Major couldn’t take direction. Acting doesn’t sound so easy anymore, huh?

In the end, the Harris Family Scary Movie came out great and Tip was pleased with his children’s efforts. Another proud moment for Daddy Tip!

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