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Tonight, President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate–Mitt Romney–will square off in a war of words at the presidential debates.

As November approaches, the antics to dissuade voters against Obama have grown to ridiculous extremes. Romney, who was recorded saying: “47 percent of Americans back President Obama because they are government dependant victims who believe they are entitled to healthcare food and housing,” recently embraced his Mexican roots to capture the minority vote and his wife Ann–reassured us that they can related to the poor because when they first got married they were broke. Side Eye. Madonna even joined in on the charades, calling Obama a black Muslim.

When we spoke to Jill Scott, we asked her about Madonna’s comments and how she feels about the upcoming election:

I don’t know what faith or religion he’s practicing, I really don’t care about his religion at all. What I care about, is that he takes care of the United States. That he enforces law that benefit all of Americans. That he has great relationships with other countries so that when I, a frequent traveler, go to another country I don’t feel unwanted or unappreciated or in danger like I have felt in the past with the last president. Those are the things that matter to me I appreciate healthcare for everyone. If Canada can do it, so can we. I don’t know why she would say that. I don’t know that woman but the tactics are becoming increasingly obvious to get this president out of office.

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