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On this episode of “R&B Divas” Syleena Johnsin’s album release party and performance was approaching fast and she needed to warm up with some vocals.Her father–the legendary Syl Johnson– was planning to attend the event but she was concerned that he would be more her opponent than a supporter.

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Keke’s Wyatt’s husband, Michael, decided to invite all of the ladies, including Monifah, to Bible study. Although he didn’t agree with her lifestyle, he wanted her to enjoy the experience. While in Bible study, Keke had an epiphany about her life and felt like she needed a change. She needed to fix her marriage.

While later talking to Monifah, Keke finally opened up about her experience in an abusive relationship and talked about the incident when she stabbed her husband years ago. Keke decided that it might be time for her to finally go to therapy, and Monifah persuaded her by opening up about her past seven year drug addiction. Keke realized that her issues may have caused her to have a lot of kids to try and receive the unconditional love that she needed. They were her safety net and her way of dealing with her abusive past.

Faith got all of the ladies together at her house for a little girl time. They enjoyed massages, wine, food and each others company. Nicci came out and said that they should not be talking about Keke’s problems while intoxicated, basically just starting drama for no reason. SMH. Why does Nicci ALWAYS have to bring the drama? Nicci, I would like for you to have several seats (in my best Tamar voice).

Keke started therapy and revealed her issues with trust and how her past has affected her relationships. Her husband was very supportive and overall a really great guy, but she felt like Michael only understood her point of view during therapy and not at home.

When the day finally came for Syleena’s performance, it was indeed a disaster. The club promoters were very unprofessional and rude to Syleena and it was sad to watch her deal with that type of treatment before her own show. Syleena started to get very nervous. First, she had issues with the venue and then she had to worry about her father being critical of her. As expected, Syleena’s father came in and started criticizing everything that was wrong. Instead of prepping for her show, Syleena spent most of the time crying and trying to get everything together. When Syleena finally took the stage, Moniah joined her and together the girls KILLED IT! Things finally came together and they pulled off another amazing performance!

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