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When I was a kid, my favorite Disney movie was the “Little Mermaid”…then I grew up and realized she was a hood-rat and way too fast for her age. You know–defying her father’s orders and selling her soul at the age of 16 so she could be with a cute boy. I’d actually be surprised if she isn’t pregnant by now and living on welfare. Anyhoo… I’ve found that most of these Disney films have a rather ratchet theme.

“Aladdin” was a thief:

“Snow White” was promiscuous (I mean seven men around her at all times, come on):

“Sleeping Beauty” was waiting around for a man to save her:

“Bambi,” well her mother was killed in a drive-by:

“Dumbo” was a drunk, “Alice In Wonderland” was on bath salts and Simba had a trifling uncle that killed his father to inherit their family fortune. Either-way Disney was disguising real life stories with cutesy likable cartoon characters.

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Disney favorite–“Beauty & The Beast”–got a well-fitted makeover by a band of former “American Idol” contestants. And, for the first time I can say, that it displays (not mine) but a real way of living (if you’re from a little town in Compton with a boyfriend named Jerome). Despite the fact that whoever created the video, perpetuates every black stereotype, it is hilarious. And hey, Disney movies are pretty ratchet anyway!

Take a look:

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