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Many of us have sworn by our hair shampooing rituals for decades. Whether we faithfully rinse with only cold water only, condition with mayo (yes the sandwich spread), or use vinegar and honey, chances are we have an even longer list of other “do’s and don’ts” that have stuck with us for  years. I did some research on all those pesky hair rules, olds wives tales, and myths to determine which are rules and which are just rumors.

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1. Lather, Rinse, Repeat for Best Results

“The more shampoo I use the cleaner my hair.” Nope! Believe it or not, only a quarter-sized dollop of shampoo is needed for a good wash. And, unless you’ve been slacking and haven’t washed your hair in months, only one really good shampoo is needed. Rumor!

2. Hair Gets Used to Shampoo Over Time, Use Different Brands

OK ladies, your hair isn’t an immune system, and newsflash it’s already dead. Therefore there’s really nothing your hair can get “used to.” Look at the properties in the shampoos and try a different one if you have specific hair issues, or feel the one you are using isn’t promoting the health of your hair. Rumor!

3. Always Use Conditioner

Please believe the hype. It’s not just some ploy to sell you two products. The chemicals in shampoos and conditioners are totally different for obvious reasons. It’s a no-brainer, one is to clean and remove deposits from your hair and the other to moisture your hair. Rule!

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4. Using Cold Water Will Give You Shinier Locks

The verdict is still out on this one. We’ve found that they are many pros and cons to doing hot and cold rinses. Hot water will cause more frizzing, and cold water tends to flatten your hair leaving it without much volume and body. Instead try both, cleanse and condition your hair with warm water and for your rinse use cold. This is especially important for our natural hair divas. ???

5. Shampooing Your Hair Daily Will Dry Your Hair OutIt’s common knowledge that water is good for you, and guess what? It’s also good for your hair. Water provides moisture to your strands, so washing your hair often is completely healthy. Hair experts say people with coarse hair should be wash their hair every other day. It isn’t the water that damages your hair, it’s actually chemicals in certain brands. Choose shampoos with moisturizers like shea butter and jojoba oil. Rumor!

6. Mayonnaise Is A Great Deep Conditioner

It’s true mayo contains eggs and oil which adds shine, body, and strength to your hair, not to mention it’s an inexpensive means to healthy hair. However if the idea of mayo in your tresses stress you, chemists have caught on to grandma’s tips and created tons of products for us so we don’t have to dip in the Miracle Whip jar. Look for products with lanolin oil and cholesterol. Rule!



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