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I meet so many brides who are looking for a venue that allows them to provide their own catering. There’s nothing wrong with hiring a caterer. I love using caterers at weddings! What IS wrong is hiring a wedding caterer who can’t really pull of your event as a true catering professional would. Often, I call this the “wedding catering hook-up.” Often, the caterer that I see brides select is a family member who is a great cook, a friend who is trying to start a catering biz, a church member who always prepares food for church events or a mash-up of people you know who are just going to “provide” food for your wedding. While these options can save cash, they may not always give you the end result you want. When I started planning weddings, I often encountered events that were utilizing the catering hook-up and 98% of the time, things were a MESS.

I ALWAYS suggest that brides invest in a professional catering company that is used to handling events of your size and knows how to keep awful things from happening. You know…those awful things that make people remember your wedding in a very bad way.

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Things That Can Go Wrong With The Catering Hook-Up

-There isn’t enough food.

-The hot food is cold. The cold food is uncomfortably warm.

-The food isn’t ready when it’s time for the meal to start.

-There isn’t enough staff. Or there’s no staff at all.

-You are expected to “set-up” tables, chairs, linens, etc before the catering company arrives.

-They didn’t offer you a tasting, so you’re unsure of how food will taste.  Read More About The Catering Hook Up


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