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The ladies of Basketball Wives LA were in shock when Jackie Christie walked into Gloria’s dinner party, sat down, made herself a plate and proceeded to join the girl’s conversation like she didn’t ruin their lives only a few months before. Tension in the room got too thick and  Malaysia decided that since it was her idea to invite Jackie to the dinner, she should explain why she was there. She told the ladies why she forgave Jackie and that they should too because Jackie is sorry and wants to move on.

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But, when Jackie began her so-called “apology”, the girls couldn’t look more confused. What she considered an apology was really another way to justify her actions from last season and try and twist her words to confuse the girls even more than before. When the girls shut down Jackie’s explanation, she finally said the words, “Jackie Christie is SORRY!,” and the room breathed a sigh of relief. Gloria escorted Jackie to the door after that, so the girls could continue on with their dinner in peace.

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After their meal, Malaysia met up with Jackie to talk. She explained why the girls weren’t receptive to her apology at first, and Jackie seemed confused because she thought the meeting went well. Jackie was most interested in rekindling her friendship with Laura because she felt as though they were the closest. I wonder if Laura felt the same way?

Draya and Gloria, still confused as to why Malaysia invited Jackie to dinner in the first place, met up to talk about what happened. Malaysia got the chance to apologized and told the ladies that she sincerely thought Jackie would explain herself with no problem.

Things never go as planned with Jackie Christie.

Brookeand Draya had a photo shoot lined up with King Magazine but when Draya arrived to the set, she was very upset because she wanted the set to be closed. Brooke, on the other hand, was confused considering they’re both friends and video vixens who should be comfortable working with on an open set. Since Draya refused to shoot with anyone else in the room, she left and gave Brooke more camera time and a shot at taking the cover. Brooke felt as though Draya was being shady, even though Draya later explained that her leaving the shoot had nothing to do with Brooke but because she wanted a closed set. Que the drama!

Laura finally agreed to meet with Jackie for lunch, and talk about their “friendship.” Laura just wanted Jackie to admit that she was crazy and needed help, but Jackie (who was still delusional) couldn’t admit her faults. Laura explained to Jackie that she wanted her to be herself and that she came across as phony at the dinner party, but did admit that she missed her (but also used an analogy of a foot fungus to describe their love/hate relationship). In the end, the ladies agreed to accept each other as they were, even if they were a little crazy.

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At the end of the episode, Malaysia introduced us to her friend, Bambi, who seemed to know a lot about Brooke and her boyfriend. According to Bambi, Brooke’s boyfriend had been buying her presents, and Brooke obviously was not too fond of that news. Sounds like this new chick is going to stir up some drama!

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