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angela bassett waiting to exhale

When Bernadine Harris stood in front of her cheating husband’s meticulous closet with a piercing stare, in the notorious scene in “Waiting To Exhale,” women all around the world knew what time it was!

His suits were hung precisely on expensive hangers and his shoes–lined up like the boots of military men– shined like they had never been worn. “This motherf**er is psychotic!” declared Bernadine as she ripped a group of blazers and silk ties from the wall. She filled a Radio Flyer red wagon with his belongings and hauled it to the front yard, piled the designer threads into his BMW, doused it with lighter fluid then watched it burn. Oh how liberating that must have felt!

All women have had that moment…that point of no return–when all the drama, tears and bullsh**t you’ve endured in a relationship, comes to a puss filled pimple head and pops! After all the hurt you’ve been through, one thing is certain–you MUST make a dramatic exit!

Who better than Bernadine/Angela Bassett herself, dressed in a lace bodice, to teach women how to leave their man in such a classic hysteria?! We’ve watched the movies, taken the notes and now it is time to put what we’ve learned into affect!

Below, you will find five grand ways, in pure Angela Bassett fashion, to leave that man of yours!

Burn his sh*t…

You should feel no remorse for using his fancy footwear and pricey garments as coal. After all, he probably wore those same items when he cheated on you!

If anyone asks…”It is garbage!”

Beat his a**, then leave!

Like Ike Turner in “What’s Love Got To Do With It,” your future ex-boyfriend may just have “it” coming. While we do not condone domestic violence, it sure felt good to see Tina Turner–played by Angela Bassett– give Ike the beating he deserved. And, if your man is anything like Mr. Turner, take note from Angela’s acting book and kick him in the family jewels!

Sing it to him…

Sometimes song is the best way to communicate. Angela Bassett who took on the role of Katherine Jackson in “The Jacksons,” knows how to harmonize just enough to get her point across. Her concise words in the dramedy  film “I don’t want you no more” proved highly effective.

Get a young stallion to take your mind off the heartache…

They say, the best way to get over your ex is to find someone new. Like Angela Bassett’s character in “How Stella Got Her Groove Back,” a young hot man is enough to cool down that ache in your chest!

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