9 Black Women Who Rule The Kitchen

Source: New York Post Archives/Getty Images

Edna Lewis, Chef, Restaurant Owner[/caption]

Black women have been the mothers of the kitchen since the beginning of American culinary tradition.  As the primary chefs of southern cuisine, the cultural influence of Blacks in American cuisine began with what is now known as “soul food.” Women like Edna Lewis–a chef, culinary ambassador and caretaker of genuine Southern cooking, (who opened her first restuarant in the 1940’s), paved the way for the influx and influence African-Americans would continue to yield over American cooking. And while the culinary tradition of Black cuisine runs deep–the evolution of African-Americans in the culinary world has never been as impressive as it is today. With cooking shows dominating the airwaves, more and more Black women have emerged as heavy hitters in the race for culinary greatness.

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Check out this gallery of some of the top black female chefs who cooked food delicious enough to make them famous.

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