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On any given New York City night, I may join a couple of girlfriends for after-work drinks. After we lament, for an hour or so, about our jobs, how “busy” we are, our self-maintenance and various wish-lists, inevitably we end up talking about boys, and not long after we’ve started talking about boys, we start talking about sex. That’s right, sex. Somehow the topic never seems to get old, possibly because human beings have been fascinated with sex since the beginning of time. In these modern 2012 times, where sex happens in all kinds of ways, including via video chat and text message, the ladies of HelloBeautiful decided it was time we talked about sex, and all the ways we are (and aren’t) having it. Check out our full “SEXCAPADES” editorial feature here.

But first, check out our “I WANT TO HAVE SEX” infographic below–a breakdown of all the various ways people are chatting about sex in front of millions of followers, friends and strangers on the world wide web.  Happy Hunting!

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