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Chris Brown has matured from a 16-year-old boy, inspired by Charlie Brown, into a heart-throbbing sex symbol right in front of our eyes! His sexy lyrics and raunchy dance moves serve as the blueprint to women’s fantasies of all ages and have solidified his presence in the R&B game. After releasing another, sexually fueled jam, where he brags about his impressive sex skills, we take this moment to evaluate his most colorful lyrics to add backing to his pipe game claims!

“No Bulls*t”

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“We ain’t gon’ stop til 9 AM. If you can’t take it all, baby say when. Make you c*m over and over again, and Imma leave it in.

“Take You Down”

13 Lyric References That Let Us Know Chris Brown's Sex Game Is 'About That Life'

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“Take it off in this room. No time to waste girl you no what we came to do. We got all night to get it right. Hope your ready hope your ready hope your ready hope your your ready babe here we go you know how we do it ain’t my first time but baby girl we can’t pretend hey lets bumb and grind pretend tonight.”

“Sweet Love”

13 Lyric Refrences That Let Us Know Chris Brown's Sex Game Is 'About That Life'

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“Baby girl, I want for you to roll…just roll your hips, and just grind on me, grind on me grind on me! And baby don’t get it confused, I’ll do anything you want me to. Just as long as you get crazy. And just as soon as you get naked.”

“Too Freaky”

Too Freaky

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“I got that long money, so is my d**k.”

“Wet The Bed”

Wet The Bed

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“I ain’t afraid to drown if that means I’m deep up in your ocean. I’ll drink you down, sippin’ on your body all night. I just wanna take your legs and wrap ’em ’round Girl, you’re c*ming right now. My head to your chest feelin’ your heartbeat, girl. Swimming all in your sea and you sweatin’ all over me. Bendin’ forward, don’t you run, girl. I don’t want to be a minute man Baby, you’re just like a Storm rainin’ on me, girl, your soakin’ wet”



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“All these vibrations from your legs massaging my back, I got your body shivering cause we’re covered in sweat. Girl I like the way it opens up when you throw it back babe. Girl it might be too much if you keep doing that. I got that pillow for your knees right here. Baby can you make it disappear? Your voice is the last thing I’m gonna hear, then I wanna make you holler.”

“Body 2 Body”

Body 2 Body

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“We make love on the floor, you kissing my tattoos I’m pullin’ your hair you scream my name Call me daddy, baby, I got you Go get in your bed and lay down, down, down Girl, are you ready, ’cause I’m gonna want you face down, down, down Right now, you f*ckin’ with a real freak!”

“Biggest Fan”

Biggest Fan

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“Come on girl, tear it up. You can make it clap, for me girl, give it up. God d*mn, you’re fine, I’m bout to stand up, stand out. I just came to make you holler. Doing it for hours, even in the shower. Over and over again, baby I’m all up in your driveway, kissing flowers. Are you ready? Imma take what’s mine! You get comfortable, slow and easy I’m kinda tipsy from this wine. So what I say might be a little confusing…I got a magnum in my wallet, Imma pull it out I’m not afraid to use it use it I’m gonna make you scream.”

“Another Round”

Another Round

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“Girl you got that bomb thing no one can’t resist Imma light some candles girl and then tie up your wrists. Then I’m licking chocolate right up off your stomach. Baby you ain’t handled freaky sh*t like this. And I start dripping ice down ya spine, make you mine!

“Make A Movie”

Make A Movie

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“Baby we don’t need no script for this. Imma throw a couple thousand baby, strip for this. Let me pull my camera and make a movie, yeah. Starring you and me yeah. Baby we don’t need no actresses. Let me tell you what I’m working with, Imma break your back with this”



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“Yeah, I wanna see your legs in the air. Baby don’t worry about your hair, all those tracks I don’t give a d*mn about that…” –Good to know!


Cale Strong

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“Girl I wanna f**k you right now. Been a long time, I’ve been missing your body. Let me-let me turn the lights down. When I go down, it’s a private party It’s not even her birthday but I wanna lick the icing off. Give it to her in the worst way, can’t wait to blow her candles out I want that cake, cake cake….!

“Mixtape S**t”

Mixtape S**t

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“While I’m in the p**sy face down, butt up!”

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