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George Zimmerman launched his own site to raise funds for his defense and so has his lawyer, Mark O’Mara. For some apparent reason Zimmerman’s parents, Robert and Gladys have decided to launch their own fundraising site. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the website will raise funds for their living expenses.

Zimmerman’s father Robert explains more in detail, saying he wants to give the public a “brief and honest” description of their son who has been “portrayed savagely” in the media; explain what life has been like for the family since the Feb 26 shooting; and to ask for monetary support.

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Zimmerman goes on to say on the site:

My wife and I have only requested prayers thus far and we have refused to accept any donations or payments whatsoever for any purpose. However, we fully realize that the peaceful, secure life we once knew is now just a memory.’

I really wish the Zimmermans would stop complaining about how their son’s murdering of unarmed Trayvon Martin has changed their lives. Robert Zimmerman continued to write a long message about his family, explaining how he and his wife raised their children and why they relocated to Central Florida. Then he goes in on how he’s been threatened and describes phone calls and letters from people who said they would “kill anyone with George’s DNA.”

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There was a note found on their home in Lake Mark and Robert made the decision to relocate his wife and mother-in-law, according to the website. Since then, the family has had to relocate several times. I guess that’s where all the costs are coming from that the Zimmermans need help financing.

Feel free to check out the site here to see if there’s enough sympathy in your heart to donate.

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