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What is truly going on in this world today?! I was shocked to hear the news about the recent theater shootings in Aurora, Colorado. To think that one of America’s favorite past times isn’t safe anymore is scary!!!

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After this incident, of course my three year old wasn’t aware of the recent events or should I say didn’t really understand the severity behind it. All she knew was that she wanted to see the new movie Ice Age – Continental Drift and she had to go to the movie theater to do it.

She actually asked me religiously as soon as she found it was in the movie theaters. At that moment, I was presented with a choice. Should I not take her because of the recent events or do I take her? What would you do?

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I decided to take her, but I can’t lie I was scared. As soon as we walked in I started to think about our safety. I found myself looking around to notice who was around us. I couldn’t help but think about what if the same thing happened to us. I even found myself looking for the closest seat to the exit and sitting as close as I could to it. This was not a good feeling at all.

I digress back to my first point. What has this world come to? I am now afraid to take my own daughter to the movies!! The killing, the hate, the envy and the heartache must stop!


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