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The Jackson family’s drama gets more and more disappointing as the days go by. From Katherine Jackson’s disappearing act to the family’s fight over the late Michael Jackson’s will to Janet Jackson snatching away Paris’ phone–the Jackson family is coming apart at the seams.

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Paris is treating Twitter like her own personal diary or a best friend of some sort because every chance she gets, she hops on Twitter to express her frustrations of missing her grandmother and asking why her family is doing this. The entire timeline of the Jackson Family Feud played out on Paris’ Twitter account and we’ve placed them all together so that you could see this whole melodrama play out from Paris’ icy blue eyes.

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Now that Katherina Jackson has made it back home, Paris finally feels like she’s able to rest. Check out her latest tweet:

What do we think about Paris having to endure all this family drama? Let’s discuss this live!

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