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Madame Noire recently posted a blog going in on Tiny’s appearance and while the writer–Brande Victorian set up the post saying she’s not a “hater,” but the blog did take quite the critical stance against Tiny’s hair and clothing of choice. Evidently Victorian was none too happy about Tiny’s birthday suit.

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She says that Tiny accepted over $1 million in gifts from hubby T.I. all while wearing a low budget-looking dress and swinging around blonde and red weave that’s “never the same texture nor thickness as the rest of her hair–” which is what truly ruffled Victorian’s feathers. One of the standout lines was, “I’d like for Tiny’s look to catch up with her bank account.”

Victorian went on to criticize Tiny’s hairstylist and friend, Shekinah for being a “Yes” woman to Tiny, Tiny’s seemingly ghetto upbringing and her look making her look like an unofficial member of her daughter’s singing group the OMG Girlz.

Well, Tiny hasn’t responded, but her mother, Dianne Pope came to her baby’s defense via Sandra Rose’s blog. Check out some of the standout lines from Momma Tiny:

1. “The cost of Tameka’s hair nearly breaks her.”

2. “The dark hair is her hair, she has very dark hair. Look at Xscape.”

3. “Tameka was not brought up in the hood, she lived an upper middle class life. I worked for IBM, the best company in the Corporate World, for 32 years before I retired. And her father [Charles Pope] made lots of money with his Group the Tams.”

4. “Her dress was picked out by Tip’s people at Grand Hustle.”

Check out Dianne Pope’s entire Tiny defense here. What do you think of Madame Noire’s criticism of Tiny and her mother’s defense? Let’s discuss on Twitter @Rhapsodani.

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