Ciara‘s is one resilient woman. The “Sweat” singer has seen the best and the worst the fickle music industry has had to offer and we’ve watched as she’s soared and flailed in her career. Let this be known–I personally want Ciara to win. I believe in her talent as an entertainer. But there’s just got to be someone out there that’s not rooting for this woman who claims to be a “One Woman Army–” which is what her latest album is titled.

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With “One Woman Army” set to release this October, Ciara’s been making her rounds in the media, making sure we remember she’s here. We know, Ciara. But since her album preview party in NYC, I’ve been wondering about the album’s title. Maybe I am being a bit too literal with Ciara’s album title, but there’s just something so confusing about making a comeback as a “One Woman Army” after two years, but not really seeing that theme all the way through. Here’s a quick list of reasons why Ciara can’t be a “One Woman Army.”

1. Collaborations-A-Plenty

“One Woman Army” suggests, army of one. And so far, I know of at least three songs from the album that will feature other artists like Nicki Minaj, Wynter Gordon and Rick Ross. Wynter Gordon had this to say about working on Ciara’s “One Woman Army”:

“She sounds really good. She’s singing. I’ve never heard Ciara sounding so good. I am very proud of her vocal ability on this record. I’m very happy with the way she did it,” Wynter Gordon commented when asked about her record with Ciara.

2. You Need A Feature

Ciara’s songs work so much better when there’s someone else on it like, Missy Elliot, 2 Chainz, 50 Cent, Lil’ Wayne…you get it. So naming your album “One Woman Army” when it actually does take a village, is just…wrong.

3. iTunes Doesn’t Believe You

“Overdose” is a single from Ciara’s “One Woman Army” that’s been leaked and Ciara’s fans LOVE it, but the powers that be at iTunes don’t. The single has yet to make it on to iTunes, even though fans are buzzing about it. It’s weird that instead of taking advantage of the song’s blossoming popularity, iTunes is Kanye shrugging.

Like I said, I want Ciara to win. She just might need to switch up her strategy or the album title.

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