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worried brideHave you ever been to one of those weddings that started late? Or have you ever arrived at a wedding late because you have the attitude, “They aren’t going to start on time anyway?” Are you worried that your wedding might not start on time?

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I grew up going to weddings that seemed to take forever to get started. Once we got to the reception, I would feel like I was going to pass out before any food was served. As a wedding planner, I now know why everything took forever! Timing is everything.

There are some key techniques I use to ensure that things run on time. One of the first is to lie to the wedding party. Not a big lie, just a little white lie for the sake of starting things on time. This is really important if you know that you have several people in your wedding party who notoriously run late. You may want to tell them that you need them at the ceremony site earlier than you actually need them there. A cushion of 30 minutes is a good idea.

A great thing about having the wedding party at your ceremony venue early is to knock out some of the photos ahead of time. I always start photos TWO hours before the wedding. Yes, your wedding party will think this is too early. They will grumble about it, but that’s ok.

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Here’s how it works:

1) If your wedding starts at 2pm, the pictures should begin at noon. Everyone should already be dressed and at the ceremony location by this time.

2) Start the guys’ pictures first because they’re usually ready before the girls. This should be the groom, his groomsmen, dads and ring bearers. Their pictures should last a half hour. Send the guys to their waiting area.

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