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Is Khloe a Kardashian? Unless Khloe takes a DNA test, which her sister Kim Kardashian and mother, Kris Jenner, have urged her to do, the world won’t know for certain. Khloe—wife of NBA star Lamar Odom and star of the E! reality series “Khloe & Lamar”—went most of her life believing her biological father was Robert Kardashian, the attorney best known for his role in the O.J. Simpson trial, but earlier this year, two of the late attorney’s ex-wives came forward and claimed he had not, in fact, fathered the younger sister of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. The rumor is that Kris, who divorced Robert in 1990 and married former Olympian Bruce Jenner the following year, had an affair with another man, and that he—not Kardashian—is the father.

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Khloe refused on the season finale of “Khloe & Lamar” to take a DNA test, but online rumors suggest that what Jan Ashley and Ellen Kardashian—the women Robert was married to after Kris—is true, and that the 28-year-old reality star, model, and socialite is not a Kardashian. It’s hard to ignore the fact she doesn’t look like Kim and Kourtney, and some even speculate that O.J. Simpson is Khloe’s daddy. In June 2012, news surfaced that she was planning to visit Simpson in a Nevada prison and ask him for the truth. “O.J. has told friends he is Khloe’s dad and he’s never denied it whenever his pals have asked,” a source told the National Enquirer. In a letter to Kris, Kourtney explained her unwillingness to undergo DNA testing. “I don’t need someone to tell me who my family is,” she said. “I have had the blessing of having two phenomenal fathers. I don’t need a DNA test to prove who my father is.” She added that she’s “an Odom anyway. I’m not a Kardashian anymore, so let’s move on.” In that sense, the answer is “no”—Khloe is not a Kardashian.

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