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Rihanna is still flying high on the success of her latest album, Talk That Talk, but the “Where Have You Been” singer is already working on her 7th album. According to That Grape Juice, Rihanna was spotted in London recently and enlisted the help of an elite team of songwriters and producers to craft the project, like Sean Garrett, Swedish House Mafia and Eric Bellinger.

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Rihanna’s 7th album is a big damn deal, considering the records she’s already set with her previous albums. She’s certainly got what it takes to keep the bar up that she’s raised.

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Just because our favorite good girl gone bad has a schedule that never rests, I figured I’d help her out and give her five album title suggestions to save her the trouble. Check them out below!

Seven Deadly Sins

Seven—you see what I did there, right? Just in case you don’t—7th album, 7 deadly sins. Got it? Rihanna’s known for her sinful behavior and this title fits perfectly. She could take the title and create a theme around it—titling each of her songs with a deadly sin.

Mines Is Bigger Than Yours

One of Rihanna’s latest Instagram photos was of her standing beside a tag that read: “Mines Is Bigger Than Yours.” If you know anything about Rihanna, you know that this girl has bigger balls than most men. Remember what she said to The Sun, and well..most of the outlets she interviews with? Yeah, hers are bigger.

Thug Life

Rihanna’s about that life. It’s obvious. An entire album of Rihanna’s thug behavior is one worth listening to. Features from Jay-Z, Rick Ross and Meek Mill. I can just hear it now.


Rihanna’s got a thing for being naked, or exposed in some way. She’s reckless in her own exhibitionism. With the album titled, Naked, you’re already dealing with something provocative–which Rihanna loves being. You could even turn this into a double entendre where she reveals her inner most thoughts and feelings through song–therefore making her naked.

Smoking Guns

If it’s two things Ri Ri loves, it’s smoking marijuana and guns. From her various Instagram shots of her blowing smoke to her gun-obsessed jewelry and tattoos, naming Rihanna’s seventh album after her interests is only right. Since she’s already Talk (ed) That Talk, it’s time for her to walk it—with her Smoking Guns!


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