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With love, sex and romance consistent hot topics debut author Sadeqa Johnson stuffs all three into a carry-on bag and takes readers on a trip into a long distance relationship that will leave minds open and hearts aching for a chance to experience such high-living.  LOVE IN A CARRY-ON BAG (12th Street Press; March 2012; $14.95), tells the story of a love affair hampered by the stumbling blocks of career ambitions and family.  Set between the publishing world of New York City and the jazz clubs of Washington, D.C, this fictional gem will captivate readers who enjoy a bold, bluesy, saga.

Erica Shaw, publicity manager for a leading publishing company in New York City, is driven to become one of the top African-American women in the business, and overcome her family’s legacy of “chasing away welfare blues with cans of Colt 45, prescription pills, and number-running.”  Her boyfriend, Warren Prince, is a sexy-lipped trumpet player who lives in D.C., where he works as a computer engineer.  Their connection is fierce, and after a year of intense weekend dating, it’s time to close the distance.  But an overbearing father and a lucrative contract threaten to keep Warren rooted in D.C. Erica’s world starts spinning as her impending promotion at work causes her to miss a string of weekends.

Arguments between the couple escalate and real life takes its toll, while audacious lovers wait in the wings—for both of them.

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LOVE IN A CARRY-ON BAG is a brilliantly written tour de force, with the pulsing sensation of the sultry rhythms of jazz running right through it.  Johnson has crafted characters that readers will relate to and has weaved familiar matters of abandonment, substance abuse, adultery and unforgiveness to oppose the powers of love.

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Sadeqa Johnson is plunging into the world of fiction after working as a publicist for Penguin Group (USA) and Scholastic books for many years.  She was selected to attend the Hurston/Wright foundation writer’s week at Howard University and is known for her inspirational blog, Meditation and Moments of Musing.  Sadeqa and her husband Glenn began dating in a long distance relationship that started in 1995, sixteen years ago and now three children and two businesses later, they are preparing to celebrate 10-years of marriage in June 2012.

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