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Last night was part 1 of the “Basketball Wives Reunion Special” and it was actually a very calm reunion compared to this entire season. John Salley was the host (again) and brought the girls together one last time to discuss all of the drama they encountered during the season. The girls sat back and watched clips of some of their best and worst moments on the show, one of those moments being Tami and Kesha’s terrible fight which ended with Kesha leaving Tahiti and Tami receiving the backlash from all of her fans. Surprisingly enough, Tami apologized to Kesha on the air, and told her that she is sorry for her approach and should have handled the situation better even though she wasn’t sorry for what she said. Not sure if Kesha actually will accept her apology, as she sat pretty blank faced the whole time, but at least we know that anger management seems to be working for Tami, because now instead of being on 10 all the time, shes at a steady 8 (as she says).

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Next, John brought up Ev and Kenya’s fight, and after watching it on the screen, Ev got a little teary eyed seeing herself throwing a bottle at Kenya. She admitted that that was her lowest moment on the show, and wasn’t proud of the fact that her step-daughters found her behavior funny. She apologized to Kenya as well.

Who are these women and where have the been all season long?

Next, Jen, who was so patiently waiting backstage, came out and joined the other ladies on the couch but not without her trusty body guards behind her. John revealed that Nia was actually invited to the reunion special but was told by her attorneys not to attend, probably best for all of us. As soon as Jen sat down, John started drilling her with questions about her and Ev’s former friendship. It seems as if everybody is bothered by Jen and Ev’s falling out, including Jen and Ev, but no one has enough sense to try and fix it. Both girls feel as if the other was not a good friend but feel like things are now so far gone between the two that it’s nothing they can do about it. Tami brought up Jen’s former bullying ways with Ashley (who appeared on last season) and after a brief argument, Jen finally admitted that she may have handled Ashley wrong and apologized to her. She also apologized to Ev and anyone else on the stage that she may have offended. Baby steps, but it’s a start!

At the end of this episode, John Salley dropped a bomb on us, and told us that Ev and Jen were going to be taking a lie detector test. Interesting! I wonder what they will uncover!

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