First a man ate the face of another, then a man cut himself open and pulled his intestines out in front of police, then a college student murdered then ate the brain and heart of his roommate and most recently a mother murdered, then ate her infant’s toes and brain. The first of the “Zombie” attacks happened in Miami, so while we all sat, mouths open in shock at all the flesh-eating folks that have been surfacing in the news lately, comedians are already making light of the entire situation in Miami.

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Comedian, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy dressed up like a Hollywood version of a Zombie and proceded to go after various Floridians only days after the horrific face-eating attack was reported. You can tell the people being preyed upon have no idea that this is a joke and Zdorovetsky uses their real fear as part of the comedic relief. You’ve got to give it to Zdorovetsky–this kind of comedy is bold. He’s clearly in the hoods of Miami, going up to groups of black men that could easily take him down as a group or with a weapon.

While I personally thought Zdorovetsky was hilarious in his execution, it may be a bit too soon for this type of humor. Huffington Post is reporting that the video may be racist (because he’s only going after black people), but there’s a bigger issue here–making light of a gruesome situation that is quickly becoming an epidemic.

Check The Zombie Attack Prank Video Out Below

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