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There is always a big debate among mothers about breastfeeding in public. Some think that it’s something that should be done behind closed doors and others think that it’s perfectly natural and acceptable to breastfeed in public.

What do I think? Well, personally I find it offensive to some degree. I think that breastfeeding is such a personal act between and mother and child and it’s something that should be done in private. I understand that  sometimes it’s not always easy to or convenient to find a private place, but I definitely went out of my way to do so. In some countries it’s perfectly acceptable, but here in the United States, it’s the opposite.

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The real question here is, does it really matter that you are offending someone by breastfeeding in public? What’s important is that the baby is being breastfed, no matter if the mother chooses to do it in public or not. There are no laws in the United States that prohibit breastfeeding in public, so I say it’s your prerogative. But don’t be surprised if you get displeased glances while doing so and don’t force your beliefs on other mothers who chose to breastfeed behind closed doors.

Do or did you breastfeed in public?

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