With the summer right around the corner it’s important to know and follow the necessary safety rules when dealing with summer time fun in the water to protect your little ones. “41% of children aged 7-17 years and 17.4% of adults in the United States, swim at least six times per year,” according to the CDC.

Safe is a great website that provides plenty of helpful resources for safety prevention. I provided ones below that I think are most important.

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1. Put Sunscreen On – The sun is can be very harmful to the skin especially for young children. Always keep babies under six months out of direct sunlight. For older children the guideline is have sunscreen that is at least 15 SPF but the higher the SPF the better UV protection.

2. Supervision – Never let your children swim alone without any adult supervision. Even if you know your kids are great swimmers accidents happen all the time.  It is never safe to leave them unattended!

3. Swimming Course – It’s always a good idea to enroll your children into a certified swimming course. Not only do they learn how to swim from a certified instructor but they also gain confidence with being in the water.

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