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We all know that Lala is known for her “hook up skills” and on this episode of “Lala’s Full Court Life”, she’s put to the test and is challenged with the task of helping her cousin, Dice, find a Valentine. Of course, to make things interesting, Po and Lala make a bet that they can find Dice the perfect girl for Valentines Day, and the bet is on. If Po loses, she has to go streaking through Times Square (let’s hope she doesn’t get arrested) and is La loses she has to hold two live mice in her bare hands (gross). La tells Dice that the best way for her to get over her old love is to start dating and meet new people. Lala devises a plan to have a mixer in NYC and screen different girls before introducing them to her cousin. She, Po and Charlamange are the “judges” and bring each of the girls in one by one to grill them. Things go a little south when one of the prospective candidates shows her panties on camera… NEXT!!

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Since the mixer was a complete and ultimate FAIL, Lala tries a dating site. After making Dice the perfect online dating profile, Lala sorts through the list of prospects and finds who she thinks is the perfect girl for Dice and sets the date up. Dice doesn’t seem too thrilled by Lala’s choice, and says that the date is going just “alright”.

After hearing that the girl Lala chose may not be the right one, she’s worried about losing the bet and she plans to sabotage the date Po has set up for Dice. Part of La’s plan is to talk to Dice’s date before their evening begins and tells her lies saying that Dice likes women who drink and women who are aggressive. Lala’s plan to sabotage the date fails, and the date actually goes really well. Looks like Po won this one!

Back at home, Dice declares Po as the winner of the bet, and now Lala must hold two live mice in her bare hands, GROSS! Dice brings in the box of two lives mice, and La freaks out and refuses to hold them. “I’ll admit, I’m a failure”, Lala says, but we don’t blame you for not holding the mice!

As part of her sabotage, La spots Po’s date on her way in to meet Dice. La calls her over and tells her lies: She tells her Dice likes aggressive women and loves a woman who drinks. But despite her best efforts, it doesn’t work – the date goes well!

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