Themed parties are so much fun. From cartoon characters to hay rides! The possibilities are truly endless. Here are some steps to follow to help you plan the perfect themed party.

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1. Choose a theme – There are so many different themes to chose from. Depending on how old your child is will depict what theme you go with. It’s always a good rule of thumb to choose a theme that corresponds with their interests. Rather that be princesses, sports, music, etc. Talk to your child about what type a party they want to have and begin the planning from there.

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2. Research Venue – Once you choose a theme, now it’s time to find a venue and choose your vendors. I always try to look for venues that are blank canvases for a themed party, like a park or a banquet hall. But there are plenty of party places that make it easy to plan your party. Like sports centers, play houses, etc. Depending on your child’s age will depict what type of venue you choose.

3. Vendors – Once you choose the venue then it’s time to find vendors. Your vendors will be your food, entertainment, theme designers, rental companies etc. Depending on how big your event will be, it is always a good idea to hire an event planner as they know who the best vendors to use. In addition, they are great resources to help you carry out your event. If it is a smaller event, then the best way to find local vendors is to start a google search and start reading reviews. Websites like or are great places to start. If you put the research in you will find the perfect location.

4. Personalize – When it comes to themed parties you must take personalizing to the next level. From custom cupcake toppers to themed food. Here are two great websites that I use whenever planning a themed party. Trust me, both of these sites are full of great ideas that are easy to implement. or Hostess With The Mostess.

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