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There are plenty of ways to make grocery shopping educational for your kids. I find myself in the grocery store at least two times a week and of course with my daughter in toe. It’s not always easy shopping with her because of course she wants everything under the sun but what I have been doing lately is turning our shopping time into learning time.

The grocery story is a great place to teach your children their shapes, colors, reading, math and the list goes on. The age of your children will determine what activities you do with them. With my daughter, I started asking her to tell me colors of certain products. I also give  her our shopping list so that she can start recognizing and associating words with different items.

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If your child is older, you can have them spell and write down the names of products or you can have them start comparing price to quantity. The activities are really endless. The point is that you can turn the dreadful trip to the grocery store to an enjoyable educational trip. Have fun and be creative, your children will thank you later.

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