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Belinda Munro is a triple threat times two. The multi-talented singer, songwriter, actress, model, violinist and motivational speaker earned the nickname “Little Whitney” as a child when her parents realized that their daughter had a big voice.

“I was first introduced to the stage at the age of four in church. I sang ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ for our Children’s Church Anniversary service,” says Munro. “When I was finished singing, I remember looking into the audience and seeing so many people crying, including my mother who was crying tears of joy. I knew at that moment I had done a great job. From that moment on, I have not put the mic down.”

Munro, who recently released her debut single, “Hurts Just to Breathe” on iTunes, has shared the stage with artists like Luciano Pavarotti, Celine Dion, Andre Rieu, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Shirley Murdoch, Chrisette Michelle, Mary J Blige and more. Here, she shares her philosophies on how she inspires others and what keeps her motivated.

On Her Sound

“Many life experiences–both personal and by people around me–have inspired me and my music. I believe everyone has a story, and I want to sing and write songs that people can relate to. While on stage, I live the songs that I sing and I invite the audience to live them too.”

On Staying Motivated

“Your mission in life is to DREAM (Daily Reach Eagerly Above Mediocrity). Being able to push myself above and beyond the norm is what inspired me to start the I AM (It’s About Me) Movement for Women. It’s something that’s dear to my heart. I believe that to whom much is given, much is required–not just in words but also in deeds. This movement inspires women to believe in themselves and to actively and fearlessly take control of their lives through education, empowerment, and mentorship aimed at building self-esteem and breaking down negative stereotypes and barriers among women. Women work together to form a sisterhood in which they encourage each other to take control of their destiny, no matter what age.”

On Being Phenomenal

“The gift I have is not of my own making. It is an anointing, a God- given gift. My faith is what has brought me thus far and has allowed me to triumph over adversity.’

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