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I am so deeply saddened and at such a state of unrest regarding the Trayvon Martin tragedy. I have not been able to let this story go once it gained the public’s attention. In case you’re tying to follow the case as well, I’d love to keep you up to date on the latest developments.

Trayvon’s parents–Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton–as expected are beyond upset about the loss of their son and demand that George Zimmerman (self appointed neighborhood watchman and Trayvon’s killer) be arrested for his crime. Tracy and Sybrina appeared on The NBC Today Show and Sybrina told Matt Lauer, “I strongly feel he needs to be arrested, because a crime was committed. My son is murdered, my son is not with us no (sic) more. Nothing can bring him back.”

Benjamin Crump, the family’s attorney appeared on the show with them and said, “It’s crazy that this family has to wait for grand juries and stuff when, if it was the other way around, they would have arrested their son on the spot.”

After the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice announced they were probing into this case, local authorities announced that a grand jury would convene on April 10th. Trayvon’s mom, Sybrina feels that there is pretty much no reason for this investigation unless it results in George Zimmerman’s arrest. Crump says that having the grand jury attend to this case is “the playbook that they always use.” The grand jury could end up saying they don’t have enough to indict anyone. Typical.

If they grand jury could conjure up a way to pretend as if they don’t have enough evidence to indict Zimmerman when there’s recorded 911 calls that detail Zimmerman stalking Trayvon as well as him using racial slurs. The slurs were recently brought up as a part of the investigation because the Sanford Police Department tried to cover the fact that Zimmerman was using the derogatory terms as he pursued Trayvon. We already know that Zimmerman used the fact that Trayvon was dressed in a hoodie that he was somehow a threat to him.

Activists are taking a stand and have organized a Million Hoodie March in Union Square in New York City this afternoon.The march will end at the United Nations. Today happens to be International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination which ushers in Daniel Maree’s (Million Hoodie March organizer) cause perfectly. Martin’s family will be attending the march this evening. More protests were slated Wednesday in Orlando and Miami. Another major rally expected Thursday night in Sanford, Florida.

I am so glad that people are actually passionate enough to make a change about this tragedy. Thank you Daniel Maree and everyone else responsible for organizing marches. The next order of business needs to be a revolt against the “Stand Your Ground” law which basically protects people like Zimmerman from prosecution because he was claiming self defense.

Want more information on the Million Hoodie March? Like the Facebook page. And don’t forget to sign the petition on

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