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Last night was another drama filled episode of “Basketball Wives”. The girls returned back to Miami and prepared for Shaunie’s birthday party. Shaunie, being the pimp and great friend that she is, decided to extend her birthday invitation to all of the girls (except Royce and Keshia), including Jenn and Ev, but promised Ev that she would make it so she wouldn’t even have to look at Jenn. This sounds quite promising right? After all, the girls DO know how to conduct themselves in public from what Evelyn told Keshia on last weeks episode.

When the girls arrive, Ev makes her rounds and gives everyone a kiss and hug, but Jenn. Then, after a couple of drinks, it’s time for Shaunie’s birthday toast. Poor Kenya is the first to make a toast and judging by the looks on everyone’s faces after her weird speech, Kenya just should have kept her thoughts to herself. Next, Suzie stands up and makes a toast, but says something about food stamps and looks over at Tami, which Suzie of all people should know by now is a definitely no-no!

“I instantly though, how long would it take for me to shimmy down this table and choke the f— out of her?” Tami said about Suzie’s speech. SMH When will these girls learn that TAMI DON”T PLAY THAT! lol

Next, it’s Ev’s turn to make a speech. Talk about a huge elephant being in the room. Ev goes on and on about how Shaunie is such a loyal friend to her. She went on to say, “As a friend, that I’ve never changed to you and I will forever be loyal to you”. After Ev’s speech, everyone was bawling, except Jenn, who was busy checking her emails on her phone. When Jen’s turn for a speech came, she too went on and on about how Shaunie was a great friend to her. Ev’s reaction?

Here is when the ish hit the fan. Ev stood back up to give yet another speech, this time directly taking shots at Jenn.”I want to toast to loyalty…to not talking s— about your mother f—ing friends on blogs…And let’s sum it up with being loyal to your friends,” Ev says.

Jenn’s response? “Let’s add in ‘Not being disrespectful’ either”. YIKES!

This sets Ev off, and a slur of curse words and b-words are exchanged between Ev and Jenn before Shaunie gets up and tries to escort Ev out of the restaurant but not before Ev slides in her purse and hits Jenn upside of her head! SMH

Ev leaves the restaurant screaming at Jenn, “You not about this life! You not about this life!”

So now the question is, what is “this life” and who is really about it??

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