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It seems like just yesterday “Beautiful Girls” singer Sean Kingston was given a second chance at life. What has Kingston been spending his precious life’s moments doing? Apparently and allegedly beating up women at Justin Bieber concerts. Radaronline is reporting that in 2010 when Kingston was opening for Justin Bieber, there was a gang attack of a woman.

Kingston was served a civil summons and complaint in connection with the lawsuit from the attacked woman. Kingston and his bodyguard were served as they arrived in Los Angeles on a flight from Miami. Kingston has made no comment. There’s nothing for the Jamaican-born singer to say. SMH! At least Chris Brown had singing and dancing talents to use to ask for our forgiveness. What can Sean Kingston offer? A Jamaican accent and possibly claiming temporary insanity based on a previous head injury.

What do you think of Sean Kingston’s alleged attack? Let’s discuss on Twitter @Rhapsodani.

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