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Phaedra, Phaedra, Phaedra, the queen of doing the most and being over the top, has officially topped herself with this one. Just when I thought her baby shower was the most anyone could ever do, she proved me wrong in this episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” when she threw her one year old son, Ayden, a birthday extravaganza. The party was two hours away at a water park where guests had to be brought in by a shuttle bus. Dwight was the host of the party, and as Sheree put it, “It’s hot as hell. Dwight’s here in a full face of make up and a suit!”. When the guests finally arrived, Phaedra, Apollo and Ayden were (of course) fashionably late. Ayden had not one, not two, not three but TWELVE birthday cakes, to celebrate each month of his life. TALK ABOUT DOING THE MOST!

Ayden looked adorable in his Burberry swim trunks and matching hat, and enjoyed tasting a little piece of each of his cakes. Even though he’ll never remember this moment, it’s nice to know that he’s the prince in his family.

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Meanwhile, Kandi returns to Nashville to take her country music career to another level, but first she stops by Kim’s place to try and talk about the whole “black baby in Africa” situation. The two discuss their issues, and finally come to an understanding and are friends again. Sheree’s oldest daughter, Tierra, is thinking about marriage and confides in her mother about her plans. Sheree is happy for her daughter, but doesn’t fail to mention her past relationship with her ex and how messy her divorce was. To me it looked like she was trying to scare her daughter out of marriage instead of pushing her towards it. Nonetheless, Sheree tells Tierra that her boyfriend has to have a sit down with her first so that she knows his head is on straight. When Sheree and Tierra’s boyfriend, Damon, have a meeting, Damon assures Sheree that he has Tierra’s best interest at heart, and wants to be with her forever. Sheree brings up her messy divorce AGAIN, but tells him that she will help out with the wedding preparation and help him find a ring.

Speaking of marriage and divorce, NeNe is reconsidering her relationship with her husband Gregg, and isn’t sure if she really wants to divorce him or if she wants to stay around and make it work. She tells her attorney that she needs a little more time to think about things and sort everything out but she tells cameras that if she does stay with Gregg that it will take forgiving, forgiving and more forgiving for their relationship to get back to the way it once was. Phew.

What did you think about this weeks episode?

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