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“Real Housewives” Phaedra Parks has just been put on blast by her alleged ex-partner in crime, Angela Stanton. Angela claims that she was a part of Phaedra’s criminal past and has now written a book to expose the reality star.  Stanton, who is promoting her book, Lies of a Real House Wife: Tell The Truth and Shame The Devil, gave Vibe the exclusive deets:

According to Vibe, Stanton says she met Phaedra back in the day through an artist named Drama. Drama ended up in jail and she remained friends with Phaedra who eventually introduced her to Apollo. She said at that time, Apollo and Phaedra were just business partners, who were in the “business” cashing fraudulent insurance checks that she would deposit and then go back and withdraw the money. Stanton was eventually arrested for forgery and Apollo too ended up in jail.

Vibe also reports that, after Stanton got out of jail she says Phaedra introduced her to another person and they eventually started a racketeering scheme against the federal government which included stealing luxury cars and forging registrations in order to get duplicate keys made.

Stanton claims they would then go to the car dealerships after they closed to steal the cars by simply driving them off the lot. They would then send the cars to a ‘chop shop’ and “clean everything up” and sell them again. After a while, Stanton and the other person were arrested in Tennessee in possession of a few of the stolen cars and both were sent back to prison . The alleged agreement was that Phedra would represent them all if they ever got arrested but Stanton claims it seems Phaedra went AWOL and didn’t look back.

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