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My how the tables have turned. Last week, Kenya was enemy number one and this week it’s Keshia. Kenya’s not completely off the hook yet. At the beginning of this week’s “Basketball Wives”, Suzie and Jen meet up to do what they do best: gossip. Suzie tells Jen that Kenya went to a popular nightclub in NYC and asked if they could pay $50 an hour to shoot the video instead of the club’s requested price of $1000. She also tells Jen that once Kenya found out the price of liquor in the club, they opted to serve kool-aid instead. Talk about ghetto fabulous. Either way, Kenya shot her video which wasn’t as bad as I expected, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Ev and Keshia have developed some sort of a “friendship” and decide to meet up alone to have drinks and talk. Keshia, thinking she can confide in Ev, tells Ev her concerns about Tami which she should know by now is a big mistake. Evelyn tells Keshia to have this conversation with Tami and that Tami will respect her for bringing it up to her, which we all know is another big mistake, but I guess Keshia will have to learn the hard way.

Trying to stay away from all the drama, Jen is concentrated on her new business ventures. She’s doing a photo shoot and a big launch party for the debut of her new lipgloss. During the launch party, only Suzie and Kenya show up, but Jen doesn’t seem to mind because she’s more focused on becoming an independent career woman than worrying about this drama (at least for now).

After Jen’s launch, Tami reveals that the reason she wasn’t at the party was because she technically wasn’t invited. Ev and Tami then go on to discuss Jen’s disloyalty as a friend with Ev saying that Jen is really smelling her own pee pee. (gross)

Ev then brings up her and Keshia’s conversation about Tami and how her racial comments may have struck a nerve. “She can’t be that sensitive, “Tami tells Ev, but Lord knows if Keshia would have made a comment like that to Tami, Keshia would be getting ready to face an exile (you remember what happened to poor Meeka right?).

It’s finally time for Keshia’s charity event, and in order to make sure the girls are on their best behavior, Keshia makes a little speech to the ladies. Of course this sets Tami off. “Evvvverybody was offended by Kesha’s little speech. We all felt like we were in grade school and she was chastising us about one of our classmates who acted a damn fool on the last museum trip.”

Looks like Keshia is out the circle before she even got in.

The girls sit down for dinner for their last night in Miami and Ev suggests that Keshia and Tami talk about their issues. Keshia tells Tami that the only reason she spoke to Evelyn about this situation first was to avoid a confrontation. Tami tells her to shut the f*** up and move on.

The shots at Keshia keep being thrown, and Kenya is just loving all the drama that for once isn’t circulated around her. Keshia tells Tami that she treats her with respect and expects that Tami will do the same. Tami’s response? “I’ll treat you with respect when I feel like it”.

“Right now I’m not feeling like these are my type of people.” Keshia says at the conclusion of the dinner. How soon they learn.

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