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No, I’m not taking about the Adobo All Purpose Seasoning, although that is a great spice. I’m taking about spicing up our relationships with our significant others.

I say this all the time but life has a funny way of presenting opportunities that sometimes we fail to see because one, we say we are too busy to discuss the issues or two, we just want to ignore reality. Well, I’m here to say that does not work! I admit I fall victim to both. But there comes a time that we have to stop and remember that the relationships with the ones we love deserve all the attention, love and respect that one can give. If we fail to do so, all is lost.

So, how do you spice it up? How do we not fall victim to complacency? How do we find time in our everyday and lives and pay attention to what really matters? Well, as a woman with a child and two businesses, trust me this isn’t easy but what I do try to do is stay committed to never losing sight of how I can make my relationship stronger, better and let’s not forget sexier!

Usually men want one thing and this hasn’t change for billions of years, but also women want the same thing and more. So without putting everything all out on the table, I think it all begins in taking a step into the unknown like going outside of your comfort zone and trying new things together.

Now these all do not have to be surrounded by sex but what is important to point out here is that you are spending time with one another outside of work, outside of the kids, outside of everything. All that matters at that moment is you and him. So get creative ladies and gentlemen! Moms and dads can have some fun too! Good luck spicing it up!

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