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It is not very often that my husband and I get a night to ourselves. Between our jobs, our child, school and everything in between, it’s not always easy to schedule a night out. Well, we finally did it! Thank goodness we did because I think I probably of went insane!

We didn’t do anything to crazy. We had dinner and a nice stroll on the beach. However, what I realized after our date was that it was not what we did that mattered, but the important part was that we made the time to spend with one another. We enjoyed great food and great conversation. We talked about our jobs, our future plans and just everyday life. It was honestly so nice just to have that special time together.

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I think we take that time for granted because either we just get too busy or we just don’t put this special time first. Sometimes I am so amazed how fast life goes. I remember just like it was yesterday when we met, now 12 years later we are married, parents and still best friends.

I know I always take about quality time, but it really makes all the difference in if your relationship last. If you don’t make time for one another or even spend time when you can together, how can your relationship ever grow? I don’t think there is a wrong or right answer to this, but what I do know is that date night rocks! So here’s to date night. Oh how I missed thee!

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