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One of the great things about being a bride is that you are allowed to obsess over pretty much everything. It’s expected. Yes, people will roll their eyes and mentally start counting the weeks until you return to normal…but it’s still acceptable behavior.

Details you might obsess over include your dress, your location, your budget, your guest list, your colors, your menu…and your dress. Again.

However, there are some obsessions that make folks cringe. Actually, there are lots of obsessions that make folks cringe. Here are three:

1) Obsessing Over The Color Of The Bridesmaids Dresses

– The color of the bridesmaids dresses is an important detail. However, it’s NOT important to obsess over the bridesmaids dresses matching the linens at your reception. It’s also not necessary for your signature cocktail and your bridesmaids dresses to match down to the exact hue of blue. And having a fit because your bridesmaids dresses are not an exact match with the ink on your stationery is a bit much.

Please realize that your bridesmaids will NOT be lounging on top of your reception tables, holding a cocktail and fanning themselves with your wedding invitation. It will okay if things don’t match PERFECTLY. I promise.

2) Obsessing Over Wedding Favors

– As a planner, I’m always the last person at the wedding reception. That means I have the pleasure of collecting alllllll of the wedding favors that guests don’t take. I know what goes into wedding favors: time, money and lots of labor…usually labor that involves lots of ribbon-tying. That’s why I hate collecting all of those cute candles, tins, bags and sachets so that I can return them to you. It makes me sad to know that you put so much into those cute gifts and the guests usually don’t take them. So, I always say DON’T DO FAVORS. They can be such a waste of money. And the favors that guests never leave behind are the more expensive favors: bottles of champagne and high-quality chocolates. I always tell brides to put the money for favors into upgrading an aspect of the meal. Perhaps you can add sorbet between courses or serve chocolate-covered strawberries beside your wedding cake.

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