West coast rapper, The Game hasn’t been respectful to women lately. Actually, he’s never really been that respectful to women. I’m actually shocked that his baby’s mother said yes to his romantic low budget proposal. He seems like such a jerk. Here’s three reasons why it’s clear The Game doesn’t respect women.

1. Spitting Game

Spitting on someone is the ultimate disrespect and The Game took it upon himself to lean over the railing of VIP at an Australian nightclub and spit at female fans below him.

2. Show Your Tits!

At one of The Game’s shows in Adelaide, a young lady gets on stage and is immediately asked to show her tits, but when the girl doesn’t comply, she’s groped, then pushed off stage and you can hear The Game say, “I’ve never seen a white girl like you. You shouldn’t have brought your a** up here!” That’s what we’re doing now?

3. Pick On Someone Your Own Size

Remember when The Game was bored with his life so he decided to ridicule–of all things–Christina Milian’s toes? Seriously, WTF

What do you think about The Game’s disrespectful attitude towards women? Let’s discuss on Twitter @Rhapsodani.

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