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It looks like the Harris family is just full of hustlers and superstars. Not only does T.I breed future rappers and singer, but he also breeds future Hollywood actors, as the two youngest members of the Harris clan get ready to make their big acting debut in L.A. The OMG Girlz have some meetings with a record label in L.A and Tip wants to take King and Major along on the trip so they can meet with a few acting coaches, agents and possibly get their acting careers started. The first step in getting King and Major’s acting career started is getting head shots which are thee cutest things I’ve ever seen! If their careers will be anything like these head shots then King and Major are well on their way to stardom!

After taking head shots, the boys then meet with an acting coach, but are unable to take the meeting seriously. King and Major’s behavior during their meeting with the acting coach makes Tip nervous. “I see they’re shucking and jiving, they’re lollygaggin’, just as I suspected they would. This does not make me a happy camper.” Daddy says.

When they finally get the chance to act out a scene, it takes them a few tries but they eventually get it right, and the proud parents stand and applaud. “When they actually put their mind to it, they do a damn good job!” the proud papa says.

Their next step is meeting with a casting agency. When the casting director asks King to perform for her, he gets nervous and freezes up, forgetting his lines. Tiny pulls him to the side and gives him a little pep talk. When he goes back in for the next round, he does a lot better, but it’s still not the best, but its good enough for Tiny and Tip.

Tip explains to his sons that a career in acting is hard work. King is more concerned about wasting his playtime, than having a career in acting, but then comes to the realization that “Well, it’s better than playing ’cause you make money. And when you make the money, you take care of your family.” It looks like Tip has taught his sons well.

Later that night, the OMG Girlz officially sign a record contract with Interscope records and Mom and Pop couldn’t be more proud. “It’s a great day to be a Harris” T.I tells us. Yes, indeed it is!

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