Real Housewives of Atlanta breakout star, Nene Leakes’ son Bryson needs a good old fashioned whooping because the tough love that Nene’s been administering to her wayward son hasn’t quite been enough to straighten him out. On last night’s episode of Housewives, Nene came home from South Africa to the fact that her troublemaker son, Bryson was sitting in Gwinnett County jail in Georgia, and wanted her to bail him out.

If you know anything about Nene, you know she’s a softy when it comes to her kids, but because Bryson seems to get in trouble often, Nene decided to let him sit in jail. While Peter didn’t agree with Nene’s tough love demonstration on Bryson, I certainly did. If Bryson wants to cause trouble, let him live with the consequences. However, Nene’s tough love approach doesn’t seem to be straightening Bryson out. Maybe Nene needs to try a few harsher tactics. Here’s three reasons why Bryce needs tough[er] love.

1.Five Finger Discount

When your mother is, and I quote, “very rich,” why do you need to steal? Bryce gets the ultimate side eye for being arrested for stealing two $14 Mach 3 razors from Walmart.

2.Probation Violation

When you’ve gotten in trouble to the point where you’re on probation, you should be on your P’s and Q’s, no? Buying and consuming marijuana should be the least of your worries, but not when you’re Bryson. He couldn’t care less about his previous arrests or need to be on his A-game. He’d rather do whatever it is that he wants.

3. Bar Brawl

About a month ago, Bryson was hospitalized after a fight in a local Atlanta bar. His opposition shattered his jaw and broke several bones in his face. And why? Over a girl. Yes, a girl.

What do you think of Nene’s son Bryson’s reckless living? Let’s discuss on Twitter @Rhapsodani.

NeNe Leakes’ Son Hospitalized After Bar Fight

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