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Roc Nation’s latest darling Rita Ora made her U.S. debut via London recently and Jay-Z is pouring his attention into her, kind of the way he did with Rihanna a few years ago. With all kinds of rumors detailing Jay-Z’s anger with Rihanna for reconciling with Chris, Rita Ora’s time is now.

Her sound meshes Rihanna’s bad girl vibe with Ke$sha’s lightheartedly pop melodies. Jay-Z’s up to something with this new blonde bad girl bombshell and I’m down to watch this all unfold on and off the charts and you should be too!

Here’s three reasons why Rita Ora needs to be on  your radar.

1. Crime and Punishment

Rihanna’s been canoodling and making music with her ex-boyfriend, singer, Chris Brown and Jay-Z is none too pleased with her actions. According to an interview with RadarOnline, a source close to this situation says that Rita’s been on the Roc Nation roster for three years and Jay-Z has chosen now to introduce the world to her as punishment to Rihanna. Considering Rihanna’s fool in love behavior, I fully endorse any type of punishment because it’s deserved.

2. A League of Her Own

Remember when a cocky Rihanna claimed there was no one in her league. Well, it’s time she realizes she’s not the only hot girl that makes hot music.

3. Snatching Tracks

Rita’s already snatching tracks away from top artists like Rihanna. With Jay-Z behind her, she managed to snatch her debut U.S. single, “RIP” featuring Tinie Tempah that was written by Drake specifically for Rihanna. Might as well start her singing career with a boom!

Listen to Rita Ora’s “RIP” below.

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