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The Braxton sisters are still helping Tamar cope with Vince’s illness, but in the midst of this situation, Tamar reveals that she’s been selected to perform at the Soul Train Awards while Trina, Towanda and Traci have been asked to present. At first, Tamar keeps her performance a secret from her sisters, but later tells them truth and reveals to them that this happened before Vince got sick. Tamar meets with a vocal coach who scolds her about her bad singing habits, and tries to whip her into shape for the upcoming performance.

Meanwhile, the girls meet to help plan Mama Ev’s wedding. They are all a little skeptical about their mom getting married so soon, and soon realize that Mama Ev and Doc have no idea what they really want for their wedding. Toni, being the oldest and probably most responsible, delegated herself as the wedding coordinator and began giving her sisters assignments. We’ll see how this pans out.

Tamar meets with her vocal coach where she reveals that she has low self esteem (who would have thought that TAMAR BRAXTON would have low self esteem!?!) and her vocal coach gives her a pep talk and tries to inspire her. She shares her feelings with her sisters, who are always there to uplift her and make her feel better. She’s still feeling scared about her upcoming performance, and when she finds out that she’s missed one of the dance rehearsals, she panics even more.

On the day of the show, Tamar is in full panic mode. Her sisters are late for the show because they’re stuck in traffic which frightens Tamar even more. After her performance, she felt as if she didn’t give it her all, even though her sisters reassured her that she did amazing. When it came time to present, Tamar didn’t stick to the script or follow her lines, which in turn gave Tamar all the shine and her sisters none (per usual).

After the show ends, the sisters meet for drinks and discuss what happened at the awards. They argue for a while over Tamar not sticking to her lines and Trina not getting to say anything at all. Their argument doesn’t last long however, as Tamar reveals that Vince now needs to get an MRI for his health issues.

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