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After last week’s heart breaking episode, we find our favorite sisters trying to get back to their normal lives. Trina is getting ready for her gig in New Orleans, Tamar and Vince are still stuck in “miserable a** New York” (her words, not mine) and Mama Braxton has some exciting news! She confides in Towanda first, (because as we’ve all learned throughout this season, Towanda is the only one capable of keeping a secret) and drops the big news that she’s engaged to Doc!

Meanwhile back in NYC, Vince has finally come out of his coma with his wife Tamar by his side. This whole ordeal has taught Tamar how to put others before herself, and to not be so self absorbed, but it’s also brought her much stress and anxiety. The doctor informs the couple that they must remain in NYC for a while until Vince is well enough to fly back home. The rest of the family fly to NYC to check on Tamar and Vince and Tamar admits that she was a little upset at her sisters for leaving her and Vince and returning to their homes and not being there when Vince woke up out of his coma. She tells them that that moment was the most frightened she’s ever been and that she felt completely alone for a month. The girls try and defend themselves by saying that they have their own lives and can’t be around every time something goes wrong, and then leave again to go shopping.

I think Tamar might have a point here.

Tamar and Towanda meet up for lunch and Tamar confesses to her sister that they have two apartments to hold all the thing that she’s bought during their stay in NYC. Towanda offers to help Tamar return some of the stuff, and just attributes Tamar’s shopping problem to her anxiety.

The girls all get together to have dinner in NYC, including Mama Braxton, because she is ready to share the big news of her engagement to the rest of her family. Tamar drills her mom with a million questions asking her if she’s ready to get married, and will she be wearing white during the ceremony (lol) but Mama Braxton doesn’t mind her nosy daughters because she’s just happy to be getting married!

Tamar and Vince get the news that Vince’s condition is a genetic disorder, and this news sparks Tamar’s interested in (get ready for it) having children! She thinks that their time could be short, and she doesn’t want to take any chances. How shocking!! She visits another doctor for her anxiety and the doctor tells her that she’s been so stressed about her husband and family members that she needs to take some time and focus on herself for a while.

“My family is always on my case that I think about myself too much. But now I’ve got medical orders that I need to focus on myself. I think this may be my favorite doctor’s visit ever.” Tamar says. We’re sure!!

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