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There’s nothing quite like an outdoor wedding ceremony. In your mind, it’s warm, but not too hot. There are no bugs. Perhaps there’s a nice breeze. And, of course, you look STUNNING.

Yep. That’s exactly how it should be. But the truth is that outdoor weddings rarely match the fantasy in your head. Often it’s hot. Not just hot, but BLAZING HOT. Sweaty, humid, steamy hot. Outdoor ceremonies are often held in open spaces where guests are situated in direct sunlight with no shade. There are bugs. Lots of bugs. And the flowers are wilting. Your $2000 wedding flowers are WILTING!!!

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There are few things you should consider when having an outdoor wedding. We’re about to list them right now AND save your wedding day. (You’re welcome in advance!)

Find some shade for your ceremony — While the first thought might be to rent a tent (they can be pricey,) I’m going to start with the cheap option. Find a tree. An area with a nice, big, wide tree. Nothing like getting married under a big oak tree. There you go. Automatic shade. Your guests will love you. If you can’t find a venue with a tree (make sure you check your city and county parks when looking,) consider parasols. Some cute parasols in your wedding colors are still less expensive than a tent. But when all else fails, you can rent a tent.

Keep your flowers inside — Here’s the thing…flowers like water. When you have floral arrangements tied to chairs and placed at the altar in direct sunlight for hours, they start to wilt. You pay too much for flowers for them to wilt away in the sun. Talk to your florist about putting the flowers out as late as possible. You don’t want your floral crew putting flowers out as guests arrive, but you don’t want them in place at noon if your wedding isn’t until 4pm.

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