With the tragic death of Whitney Houston I couldn’t help to think about her daughter, Bobbi Kristina and what she must be going through. If I ever loss my mother I’m not sure if I would know how to survive. And if I were to mirror that feeling of me losing my own daughter, I’m sure the same feeling of non-survival would exist.  So how does one keep going? How can one survive without her mother or daughter?

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I really have no answer to these questions because I never had to endure this pain. But what I can say is that we as women, mothers and daughters sometimes don’t even know our own strength. Our strength is blinded by everyday life and we fail to see that our strength is internal and we can never gain it by acquiring materialistic possessions. But all of us fall victim to acquiring such materialistic things because we seek some type of relief. So I get it, I do it, but there has to be some other solution to finding peace, happiness, love and strength even when you think they have disappeared.

So to Bobbi Kristina, find that part of your soul that remembers the good times, that remembers that your mother only wanted the best for you and that she will always love you. I believe this is all the strength that you will ever need. In the words of Whitney Houston,  ” Look inside yourself and your halfway there.” RIP Whitney Houston. We will always love you and how you have set an example for all those who will come after you. Thank you for showing us your strength, so that we could find ours.

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