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Mommy Beautiful with her daughter at a partyI just recently hosted my daughter’s third birthday party and I decided to do it at this local tutu shop called Tutu & Spice in downtown Miami. I’ve never been there before but a young talented lady just opened it up so I thought I would support her and bring her some business.

Anyways, as we are driving down to the party, and maybe thirty minutes before the event we couldn’t find the location. After about 10 minutes, I called the shop and asked her for the address.  I definitely had the wrong address and that means I had the wrong address on the invitation! So of course I started freaking out because I had all these mothers with their little girls coming to celebrate and they all had the wrong address!

So I am rushing texting, facebooking and emailing everyone the right address. Surprisingly with the help of my husband everyone got my messages and made it. So thank goodness I was able to catch my mistake without a hitch. Making a long story short, my daughter had a fabulous third birthday party and I have officially decided that I am no longer sweating the small stuff.

I almost freaked out well, I freaked out a little bit. But I was able to address the situation and I came up with a solution.  As moms, I think we always want to do things so perfectly but sometimes there is just not enough time in the day.  So relax and don’t be so hard on yourself :) You are awesome!

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