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During last week’s episode of “Braxton Family Values”, the public got an inside look at the girls and their relationship problems. While some took a turn for the worse (Trina and Gabe) others showed just how much they loved each other (Tamar and Vince). On this week’s episode, we saw just how strong their marriage bond was.

Vince tells Tamar that he wants to get a dog despite Tamar’s fear of them. He even tells her that he wants to name the dog “Tamar-on-the-radio”. Hilarious! Tamar responds with “She don’t do dogs” only for Vice to come back with “well, I don’t know who she is”. I’m glad I’m not the only one that gets super confused when Tamar talks in third person. Although she’s scared of dogs, Tamar decides to reconsider after she realizes how much having a dog means to her husband. Such a good wife!

Meanwhile, Trina reveals to her sisters that her band will be performing in a showcase in New Orleans and how much it would mean to her if all of her family could be there. When she begins practicing for the showcase in the NOLA, her band mates tell her that the gig has been pushed back a few days. Trina breaks the news to Gabe that the gig was pushed back and Gabe suggests that he and the boys come to New Orleans with her to help celebrate her birthday. Trina isn’t too thrilled about the idea and tells Gabe that she thinks it won’t be as fun with him there (uh oh). Of course, an argument arises and things get even worse between the two. SMH

Tamar and Vince head to New York for a business trip when Vince gets sick and has to go to the hospital. When Tamar finds out that his health is actually declining, she is devastated. When the family finds out about Vince’s poor condition, the entire Braxton clan rushes to New York to be by Tamar’s side. (now THAT’S what I call support)

“There were too many doctors coming in and out. It was like Grey’s Anatomy without a script.” Tamar tells her family while in the midst of sobbing. It’s great to see just how much Tamar truly cares for Vince and just how much Tamar’s family truly cares for her during this moment. It seemed like there was a whole lot of love in the room!

While in the hospital room, Tamar asks Trina about her fight with Gabe but Trina doesn’t want to discuss it because of everything that Tamar is dealing with. She later talks about her marriage issues with her mom, and reveals to her about Gabe’s Cyber-sex addiction and that the women he’s been talking to online has threatened to go public with inappropriate pictures of Gabe. Mama Ev tells Trina that Gabe has an addiction and a problem and needs to seek help. You got that right! SMH

If there is anything good that can come out of Vince’s health condition it’s that it motivates the rest of the family to get their health in order. Tamar reveals that her biggest fear is that Vince won’t ever come home.“It’s a lot to be young and in a great relationship and know that you found your soul mate, and then to turn around having to sign papers to leave things in the doctor’s hands. Trusting them to save your loved one’s life is a lot. ” Tamar tells the cameras as the episode closes. Thank God that Vince turned out to be okay!

What did you think about this week’s episode?

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