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Wow, mastering time out is no joke!  As your kids get older you realize more and more that they are not going to listen to you. So, what do you do? Well I think there is more than one way to discipline your children and every parent has their own unique way.

I recently have been having some issues with enforcing time out. I have a daughter who recently just turned three. As she gets older and smarter she is less willing to listen and more willing to do what she wants whenever she wants. So I decided that I needed to nip this problem in the bud right away.

Today I told her that she couldn’t play with her dollhouse until she finished all of her food. But of course she decided that she wasn’t going to listen to me and got up anyway and proceeded to play with her dollhouse. When something like this happens, I usually just tell her to stop what she is doing and sit in in her timeout chair for three minutes. This tactic worked for a while but I feel like as soon as she hit three years old, she started to ignore my commands. She would get up, throw a hissy fit or grab a toy when I specifically said no toys while in time out.

I am not sure if it’s because I am becoming less strict or because as she is becoming more self-reliant. Either way, I decided it was time for me to take action and change how I approach time out. It was my responsibility to let her know that I am serious about timeout and enforcing that there are consequences for her actions.

First, I stop her right away; I kneel down, look her straight in the eye, explain to her what she did wrong and tell her she has to sit in timeout for three minutes. Also what I decided to do instead of going about my daily duties, I sit across from her while she is in timeout. This way she can’t find a way to get up or grab a toy etc.  So far this tactic has been successful, now it is going to be about persistence. Once she understands that I take timeout very seriously she will begin to act accordingly and change her behavior. Let’s see what happens.

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