Last night’s episode of “The Game” was definitely a shocker! No, Melanie isn’t pregnant (yet) and she doesn’t reveal anymore secrets about her alleged abortion, but the ego-driven, Jason finally meets his match in none other than his “wife” Chardonnay. Some where in between their drunken night in Mexico and Chardonnay helping Jason realize his “blackness”, Jason has fallen completely head over heels for Chardonnay, which is totally ironic considering she’s a black woman.

Chardonnay, however, isn’t feeling Jason, and can see right through his BS (like most of us can) and doesn’t even want to go down that road with Jason. Her plan is to just get their marriage annulled and then chuck him the deuces and find her real prince charming. Jason just won’t take no for an answer from Chardonnay, and can’t seem to understand why a woman like her wouldn’t want to date the man who brought the city a championship. He tries to forget Chardonnay, and goes out on a series of dates with other black women, hoping to replace her.  But Chardonnay’s charming personality and strong black woman persona seemed to have a huge effect on Jason, proving that he has eyes for her, and only her.

He then goes and asks for advice from Derwin and Malik, who tell him to just be himself around her, and tell her how much she means to him. He also asks for advice from Tasha, who he figures would be the perfect teacher considering her level of “blackness”. After learning that Steve Harvey is a “prophet” and that black woman want a good, strong black man, Jason thinks he’s ready to go and win his girl for good.

After a bunch of pleading, Chardonnay finally agrees to give Jason a chance, at least for the four weeks until their marriage is annulled. I don’t know, I think Jason has finally met his match in Chardonnay. I’m interested to see how their relationship will unfold! (Still wish he was back with Kelly though..)

Meanwhile,  Melanie brings Derwin to her new church where she basically runs the service, tells the pastor when it’s okay to begin and has two seats in VIP right in the front of the sanctuary. Derwin doesn’t like being looked at as a VIP during church, so he insists that he and Melanie sit in the back of the church, like the common folk.

Derwin may have to rethink that choice, because when they finally do sit in the back of the sanctuary, he has people asking him for autographs, pictures and even money. Sigh… the life of a professional football player and his super hot wife..right? #richpeopleproblems

What did you think about this week’s episode of “The Game”?

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